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Talking Gut is where you get to learn about the gut, the brain and related systems and the surprising ways in which they interact.
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Aug 20, 2018

In this episode I talk with Dr Taft about the psychosocial impact of living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) from a professional and personal perspective. In our talk we also discussed the complications of IBD, mental health and psychological treatments, and a whole lot more.

Aug 20, 2018

Here it is, the interview I have been wanting to do for a long time. For me, Prof Peter Whorwell and his research played a significant role in my area of interest in Gastrointestinal Psychology.

Prof peter Whorwell is one of the nicest people I have met !

Be prepared for my once again, really really long questions…get to the point Jimbo ! 

Our friend ‘obviously’ shows up again from time to time haha


I had a relaxed and wonderful chat with Prof Whowell

We discussed

  • Origins of gut directed hypnotherapy, where and how it all started, from hypnotising his secretary to develop his first clinical study
  • We touch on the research and his reasons why he chose to focus on IBS and other functional gut Disorders
  • We talked about the importance of the therapeutic relationship between doctor and patient, and how he feels patients in the past haven’t been listened to.
  • We touched on Microbiota and current medicine
  • We talked about the power of Placebo
  • How hypnosis increases gastric emptying
  • Diet as he was initially looking at diet
  • Where he thinks research in gut is going.
  • Tinkolometer bowel sounds
Aug 20, 2018

Talk Gut is where you can find the latest research and information regarding your digestive system, the brain and related system and the amazing ways they interact

Aug 20, 2018

Jaci and I delve deeper into the discussion about how diet affects the digestive tract, including the stomach, small intestine and Colon

We also touched on diary and how research is looking at increasing diary tolerance,

The negative effects of staying on a strict low FODMAP diet for too long

Prebiotics, wheat and gluten sensitivity and a whole more…


Aug 20, 2018

Jaci is an accredited practising dietitian who graduated in 2001 with a Masters of Nutrition & Dietetics. She spent the following five years working as a clinical dietitian in various metropolitan Melbourne hospitals and 12 months in the UK. This included experience in oncology, renal, gastroenterology, nutrition support and cardiac units. On her return, Jaci commenced her PhD at Monash University, Box Hill Hospital, with scholarship support from the Menzies Foundation.

Her thesis, entitled “The Role of FODMAPs in Gastrointestinal Disorders”, examined dietary triggers for gastrointestinal conditions

During her PhD tenure, Jaci was awarded the GESA Douglas Piper Young Investigator Award, Nutrition Society of Australia & New Zealand best oral presentation award,

AuSPEN David Russell Clinical Research Award, and Eastern Health research week best oral presentation award.

Jaci holds a position as Lecturer and research dietitian at Monash University, continuing her research into diet and gastrointestinal conditions,

To date she has published multiple research articles and frequently presents her research throughout Australia and overseas, including invitations to speak for corporations such as CCA (Crohn’s and Colitis Australia) and Yakult Australia.

Jaci continues to work for the Monash University FODMAP Research Team and is also a codirected of her company, Diet Solutions.

In our talk we discussed the low FODMAP diet, and the importance of seeing a dietician regarding changing diet. We had a lot of fun, and I actually learnt a bit more about the role of a dietician.

In this episode we discussed


Low FODMAP diet


What it is


How it was developed


Fructose malabsorption diet misconception


Touched on hydrogen breath testing


Fructose versus Lactose testing


Misunderstandings of the Low FODMAP diet.


The importance of seeing a dietician for individualised treatment


Stages of the FODMAP Diet


Are FODMAP foods damaging to the gut?


Some FODMAP food are good for gut health and gut bacteria


We talk about how gas is good !!

Aug 20, 2018

Geoff graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1985 and completed his residency years/Gastroenterology training at The Royal Melbourne and Austin Hospitals, followed by a PhD in Neurogastroenterology in Adelaide supervised by Prof Michael Horowitz and Prof John Dent and then a postdoctoral position in Zurich Switzerland. He returned from Zurich and was appointed as a Gastroenterologist at the Repatriation General Hospital in Adelaide prior to his current appointment as Director of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at The Royal Melbourne Hospital in 2002 (to the present time) and Clinical Associate Professor in the University of Melbourne.

His academic interests are in Neurogastroenterology and data acquisition/processing. Other appointments include Gastroenterology Advanced Training Committee of the RACP, and on the Council of the Australasian Neurogastroenterology and Motility Association.

Geoff’s clinical interests are in patients with complex functional gastrointestinal disorders, but he has quite enough of them and does not need any new referrals.

What we covered:

Functional digestive disorders

Neurogastroenterology a relatively new area of Gastroenterology

Differences between Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Functional Digestive disease

“There is no nothing wrong with you is explained”

We touch on Placebo and Nocebo effect and the importance of Doctor patient relationship

How Geoff got into the area of Upper GI

We talked about Gastroparesis

Functional Dyspepsia

Belching or Burping and farting

Bloating and Gurgling

We talked about the Bowel and its role in digestion

We touch on the effects of diet on gut

We talked about constipation and whether constipation toxify the body?

Passage of Mucus from Bowel

Gut bacteria and evolutionary benefits